Kids Talk!

KIDS TALK! is a production where topics are discussed with suggested solutions by tomorrow’s leaders. The Billerica Adventure Series Corp. has been invited to schools, libraries and churches to discuss with children the challenges and lessons taught through the book series   The Adventures of Giggles and Owen:  A True Story. They will continue with their volunteer “Pawduction” visits with small puppets and Readers Theater, but with the medium of TV, the interaction of ideas will be able to reach a larger audience. The concept is built around a 10-foot puppet booth with large puppets who will talk with students who wish to discuss the challenges that they see in our community.

Two productions are scheduled for recording with others on discrimination, drug prevention, and self-esteem in the future.

The Billerica Adventure Series Corp. wishes to extend their appreciation to Troy Eakman, a member of Billerica Boy Scout Troop 30, and Beth O’Brian. Troy took on the building of the ten-foot puppet booth as an Eagle Scout Project, and Beth, with her Puppetville Company, built the puppets.  Thanks also to Billerica Access TV Grant Committee and O'Connor's Hardware for their constant support

If anyone would like more information about the KIDS TALK productions, and might wish to be a guest, please contact


5 Kids Talk videos being aired on BATV: click video images to open and watch in a new window

Let's Dance

Kindness in Our Community

Bullying Prevention

Girl Scouts & Conservation

Stranger Danger

On the Kids Talk set with Troy Eakman and others
Troy Eakman; Matthew Tobey; Nick Benjamin; Evan Kuczynski; David Levinson; Assistant Scout Master Fred Liberatore; Greg Eakman. Troy Eakman with finished puppet booth.
Troy Eakman presenting finished puppet booth to Sam Schauerman of BATV and Shirley Holdman of BASC. Troy Eakman presenting finished puppet booth to Shirley Holdman.